Wednesday, February 10, 2016



The Largest Forensics Education Program in the World

By combining their expertise and teaching resources, this innovative global partnership offers forensic science professionals, as well as graduate students, access to a number of specializations.

These include: Degrees and Graduate Certificates in Forensic Science, DNA & Serology, Drug Chemistry, and Forensic Toxicology as well as Graduate Certificate Programs in Environmental Forensics, Death Investigation, and Clinical Toxicology.

These global forensic programs enable students to be taught by distinguished subject matter experts wherever they may be located around the globe.

Tap into the wealth of experience, and converse with professionals from all over the world. Our student and alumni forensic scientists hail from over 36 different countries.

If you work in the field of Forensic Science today, or plan to build your career in this discipline, top quality, leading-edge education is essential. So investigate the possibilities offered by these premier universities that have teamed up to deliver the best forensic education in the world.